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My practice deals with themes of development and decay, the dual presence of which forms a critique of productivity against the backdrop of a growing, global eco-consciousness. Just as increased productivity erodes the very resources upon which it relies, my practice abrades the materials within the works calling into question the recycled systems that humankind perpetually develops in the pursuit of progress.


The resulting forms address the way we interact with space and materials through this simultaneous absence and presence of the body, in order to understand personal responsibility versus collective encounters.

I’m interested in the language of materials, and how we can manipulate and re-arrange these material properties to find an understanding and truth in objects. Taking clothing as a starting point - as an object that has had an intimate relationship with the body but has been removed and shifted into a new purpose - my practice systematically deconstructs and rebuilds materials to reflect labour-intensive processes and production. The clothing acts as a proxy for the human form, and through repetitive movements presents the body as a site of action; the body as a renewable energy source.


Using multiplicity and repetitive processes, representative of mass production, I juxtapose the idea of the hand-made and the artisanal, creating a continuous tension throughout my practice, indicative of the dichotomy of the individual versus the group. These regularly repeating acts address the patterns and systems that regulate life, and the in-betweenness of space and body amongst environment and urban.

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