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A Strange Land


Solo exhibition commissioned by The Plough Arts Centre - funded by Arts Council England



Reclaimed clothing, concrete, galvanised steel, metal chain


'A fascinating exhibition - soulful, sensitive and goes to the core of our humanity'

'So timely - chanced upon this exhibition and never knew hands could speak. Enjoyed the concrete/textile juxtaposition. Wonderful work'

'The exhibition was a powerful call to hold out the hand of friendship, as those who did for migrant Huguenots arriving in Barnstaple. It reflects natural fears that can be overcome by the care and love of the stranger. I hope many people come to this exhibition'

'A sensitive display of suffering, portrayed beautifully by clever artistry. Truly, deeply touching'

'Very interesting and moving exhibition and, of course, very timely. Gives us a lot to think about'

'An interesting and engaging exhibition which shows the cultural significance of immigration which is vital for every country'

'Beautiful and made me think a lot - really enjoyed spending time in the gallery with your work'


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